We’re Moving Our Cooking Classes Online!

I’ve had such a great time teaching our weekly cooking classes this year, but alas! The studio has closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, I’m moving into your house!

Okay, I’m not actually moving in. I’m figuratively moving in by taking my weekly cooking class live.

Cook along with me or watch and learn, and recreate our plant-based creation at your leisure.

Plant-Based Cooking Every Thursday 6 – 8 pm

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up online – Each class is $35
  2. We’ll email you the Zoom meeting ID and a grocery list.
  3. Login Thursday at 6 pm and cook with me – or just watch and learn so you can cook later!
  4. We’ll send a follow-up email with the recipe.

I will cook and demonstrate an entrée and a dessert at each cooking class.

As always, my recipes are perfectly plant-based and delightfully delicious. Let’s hunker down, and make some great food together from my kitchen to yours!

2 Replies to “We’re Moving Our Cooking Classes Online!”

  1. When I clicked onto “sign up online” I did not see how to sign up for your online cooking class. How do I do that? Very interested!

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